Tom Serb Director Guitar Piano Instructor Midwest Music Academy

Tom Serb, Director - guitar, bass and piano instructor

Tom has been teaching guitar since 1978.  He has written many lessons for national guitar magazines and is the author of "Music Theory for Guitarists".  Tom has also worked as a composer, arranger, record producer and studio musician.

Eric Miller brass tuba trombone cornet bugle trumpet baritone French Horn Instructor Midwest Music Academy

Eric Miller - brass instructor

Eric is one of the few performers comfortable on all brass instruments-from trumpet to tuba, French Horn to trombone.  Eric performs with many local ensembles playing jazz, salsa, pop and classical music.  During the school year he also teaches for music programs in three school districts. 

Michelle Mathena  Flute Piccolo Instructor Midwest Music Academy

Michelle Mathena - flute and piccolo instructor

Michelle is a veteran performer, and has held the principal flute chair with the Joliet Symphony Orchestra since 2009. She performs frequently with other orchestras, small ensembles, and musical theater companies. She's also done some motion picture work - you can hear her on the original soundtrack for the movie "Alien Terrain". Michelle is available for lessons on Monday and Tuesday. 

Audra DiGerlando Voice Instructor Midwest Music Academy

Audra DiGerlando - voice instructor

Audra earned her undergrad in vocal performance at North Park University, and did additional study at the International Lyric Academy in Rome.  In addition to teaching, which she has done since 2014, Audra frequently performs in both opera and musical theater.

Tad Janik  Piano and Voice Instructor Midwest Music Academy

Tad Janik - piano and voice instructor

Tad is a versatile pianist, classically trained in his native Poland - but he also plays jazz, blues, rock, Latin, boogie-woogie and funk.  This Chicago Tribune called his recent performance , at the All Souls Jazz Festival, "lusty".  Tad is also a vocal coach specializing in song interpretation.

Rachael Tatar, violin, viola and cello instructor Midwest Music Academy

Rachael Tatar - Violin, Viola and Cello instructor

Rachael is an accomplished violin, viola, and cello performer who began her teaching career in 2012. In addition to teaching she is a frequent performer on violin, viola, cello, guitar, and voice. Rachael is available for lessons on Wednesday and Friday. .

Brandon Sheppard, clarinet instructor Midwest Music Academy

Brandon Sheppard - Clarinet instructor

 Brandon studied under Larry Combs (princpal clarinet of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for 30 years) while earning his performance degree at DePaul.  He has been teaching privately since 2012, and leads sectional rehearsals at a number of schools across the Chicago area.

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?A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.?

- Leopold Stokowski



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?Standard tuning? isn?t really standard at all?in the US we tune our instruments to A440 (meaning a sound that vibrates 440 times per second is the A above middle C), but that?s changed many times over the years, and A440 has only been ?standard? since the 1940s!

Even though A440 is considered an international standard, orchestras in Eastern Europe commonly tune higher, to A442, and orchestras in France tune lower?to A435.

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